How to Hire the Right Contractor

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May 20, 2011

I wanted one of our first blogs to be about something very important to us.  A step by step check list every homeowner should read before hiring a contractor. 

First we’ll start with the most simple thing you can do.  Check to see if the contractor you are interested in is registered on the Labor and Industries website as a valid contractor.   Here is the link, this will show if they do have a license and if it is valid in the state of  Washington.   Next, call their insurance company.  Just because they have insurance doesn’t mean they are insured to do the type of work you want done on your home. 

Then it’s time to check references.  Don’t just ask for references, really check them.   The contractor should have references for the type of work you want done on your home.  If you are looking to build the kitchen of your dreams a list of roofing references, no matter how rave the reviews, is not going to give you the type of information you need.

Finally there is the contract.  Naturally the contractor will need a deposit.  This will cover the cost of filing for permits needed for starting the work and some materials.  Usually the deposit is no more than 25% of the contract.  Just as the contractor requires a deposit to protect themselves you should hold on to a portion of the money to be paid upon completion of the entire project.  This way you have leverage when it comes to all of those little punch list items that every project is bound to have.  It is also important to have an agreed upon payment schedule which states estimates of when payments are to be made and how much is to be paid. 

Look for a more detailed description of contracts and payment timelines in next weeks blog “Know what to expect when it comes to paying your contractor”.

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